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WZ #2

Twice as intense as the first issue. Contains Barber Tales, Page Number Anxiety, The Boyertown Opera House Fire, an article on behavior in the video store, an examination of the bias of underground press, cartoons, letters, W.E. Festival, Predictions, Great Kat interview, reviews and much more.









WZ #3

The intensity intensifies even more intensly with this issue, considered by many to be the funniest willzine. [may be too intense for certain intense individuals]. Includes Burning Man, Letters, The Assholes Among Us, Birth Control Discussion with Manpig and Beatrice Otch, willzine Moron Test, Barber Tales #2, "Poetry" Section, Motel Hell, and other stuff.



Here we see an example of one of the many fine, high-quality graphics to be found in the zine.

WZ #4

The longest, and coincidentally heaviest willzine, reaches new levels of sophistication with the help of better layout, and, something--I don't know, maybe voodoo or something. Includes Barber Tales #3, Book Review, Insensitivity Workshops, The willzine Novel, Steven Spielberg and Pornography, Reviews, Letters and more.


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